Restoring the Planet

Promoting Sustainability
in Everything We Do

Sustainability is a major part of our regeneration strategy. To Walmart Canada, becoming a regenerative company means we won’t just try to preserve the planet; we’ll work to restore, renew and replenish it, while encouraging others to do the same.

We’re setting new standards by promoting sustainability in everything we do. We’re proud of how far we’ve come while recognizing there’s still so much work to be done. 

Waste Reduction

In line with our sustainability goals, we removed single-use plastic checkout bags from 10 stores in 2021. Our customers were so supportive! And in just four months, we kept more than six million bags out of circulation. The pilot was so successful, we committed to eliminating single-use checkout bags at all our stores by the end of April 2022. 

Paper bags with groceries including fruit, vegetables and bread / Sacs en papier avec des produits d'épicerie, y compris des fruits et légumes et du pain

30 million

The number of pounds of safe, surplus food we have donated to local food banks over the years, helping to feed Canadians while preventing waste


The amount of our waste that we divert from landfills and incinerators, just shy of the 90% defined as zero waste

cardboard boxes packaged on a skid for recycling / cartons conditionnés sur palette pour recyclage


How much packaging that we commit to being recyclable, reusable or compostable

by 2025


As part of our goal to target zero emissions by 2040, we want to use our size and scale to improve sustainability throughout the supply chain. That’s why we like to work with suppliers who share our commitment to climate action, and encourage others to join us on the journey.

More than 750 of our suppliers have followed our lead and signed on to Project Gigaton, an ambitious, industry-wide effort to reduce a gigaton of emissions from the global supply chain by 2030.

An illustration of 211 red cars to represent the 211 million passenger vehicles registered in Canada / Une illustration de 211 voitures rouges pour représenter les 211 millions de véhicules de tourisme immatriculés au Canada

Removing one gigaton of emissions would be equivalent to cutting the average annual emissions from 211 million passenger vehicles, or six times the number registered in Canada.


How many of our fleet vehicles that will be electric-powered

by 2028


How much renewable energy we will use to power our operations

by 2035

animated LED lightbulb that turns on and off / Une ampoule LED animée qui s'allume et s'éteint


The number of metric tonnes of CO2 we cut from our annual emissions by switching all sites to LED lighting


We believe our customers shouldn’t have to choose between affordability and sustainability. That means we are devoted to offering more sustainable products without compromising our mission to help customers save money and live better.

A honey bee lands on a daisy. / Une abeille se pose sur une marguerite.


How many pollinator gardens are being planted at Walmart Canada locations in 2022


How much of our Great Value canned tuna is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council

A can of Great Value Chunk Light Tuna / Une boîte de thon pâle en morceaux de Great Value


How much recycled material we have committed to using in our private brand polyester apparel and textiles

by 2025