Retail Transformation

Getting products on shelves and doorsteps faster than ever

Big investments in technology and infrastructure are improving speed, ease and value across everything we do, in a digitally connected way, while freeing up time for associates to focus on what matters most — helping our customers.

Our goal is to provide Canadians with a seamless, more personalized, fast and convenient shopping experience, whether they visit or come to our stores.

In 2021, we made huge strides forward in the areas of online shopping, distribution, renovations and fulfillment — and there’s more to come, thanks to our multi-year investment in every aspect of the business.

Online Grocery Pickup


Nearly all our Supercentres offered online order pickup by the end of 2021 — up nearly 30% from just one year earlier — enabling more Canadians to shop safely and securely when they needed to most.

Meet the team at one Saskatchewan store that rose to the challenge of a 400% increase in online orders for pickup.

<4 Hours

Turnaround from online order to store pickup. In Ontario, 56 Supercentres now offer express pickup in two hours or less.

Walmart cargo truck in front of Walmart pickup store entrance


Items available on for pickup in four hours or less

Walmart associate collecting groceries for pick up order / Un associé de Walmart collecte des produits d'épicerie pour la commande de ramassage


Highest number of online grocery pickup orders completed in one day, at Store 1061 in Mississauga, Ont.

Walmart home delivery van


Percentage increase in the number of stores offering Walmart home delivery of online grocery orders

Warehouse Technology

Overhead view of Walmart distribution centre under construction in Moncton, NB


The number of square feet of new distribution centres under construction in Moncton, N.B., Surrey, B.C. and Vaughan, Ont.

Supply Chain

Supply chain can seem complicated. Here we break it down, to show how Walmart Canada continuously adapts its distribution processes to ensure our shelves are always fully stocked and our prices stay low.

We were the first company to use Seattle-to-Vancouver barge service for container freight, moving goods more economically and sustainably.

Cargo containers on a cargo ship at sea




Percentage growth in third-party grocery sellers available on through Walmart Canada Marketplace

Acquired Foodmaestro and its personalized product-finding software, to help shoppers find food to match their specific allergy, intolerance, nutrition and lifestyle needs.


Store Improvements

Ghost Kitchens logo

First retailer in Canada to partner with Ghost Kitchens to offer delivery or store pickup of mix-and-match menu items from up to 20 well-known restaurant brands


2021 Retail Council of Canada Grand Prix New Pet Needs Product award for our Special Kitty Flushable Clumping Cat Litter


2021 Retail Council of Canada Grand Prix New Dairy Product award for our Delicious Kitchen Original Coconut Milk Beverage